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SHINWA SANGYO Co., Ltd. has performed the business with Japanese investment casting industry since the establishment of 1962, as a specialized manufacturer of wax for investment castings. SHINWA SANGYO developed various investment casting waxes from the establishment to today for many years. With the trademark of “SHINWA RESIN”, we have supplied the waxes in the investment castings foundries in Japan and Southeast Asia countries.

SHINWA SANGYO Co.,Ltd. is not only developing the waxes which make the wax patterns having the high dimensional accuracy and the beautiful surface. To prevent the mold cracking because of the expansion of wax, we are doing various researches as the clarification of the de-waxing mechanism in the autoclave and the selection of material absorbed easily to mold. Theme of SHINWA RESIN is “RECYCLE”
The oil resources are limited. SHINWA SANGYO Co., Ltd. tries for collection of wax used in the investment casting foundries and improvement of the reproduction technology to utilize the resources of the precious earth effectively. Sake corresponding to the environmental problem to keep the future of the earth, we supply recycling type ecology wax by the reproduction of the collection wax.

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